Cardinal Silver-Plated Dessert Flatware

BY  Puiforcat

$120 USD

Puiforcat silverware is handmade in France by the House of Puiforcat, silversmith since 1820. Created from a late 17th century drawing, the Cardinal Silverplate Dessert Flatware Collection combines traditional style with sophisticated modernity in an evolution of classic sterling silver Richelieu flatware. The fork features a spearhead-shaped support extending from the base of the tines and the knife draws inspiration from the silhouette of hunting knives, with a curved blade and rounded handle embellished with a stud on the end. 

Wash by hand with a soft sponge and soapy water.

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About Puiforcat

Founded in 1820 by the two brothers Emile and Joseph-Marie Puiforcat in Paris, Puiforcat became quickly known for its fine craftsmanship, but its renown is owed to Jean Puiforcat, from the fourth generation of the family. A silversmith, sculptor, and designer, he established the company in the avant-garde of modern silverwork. Regarded as the most important French Art Deco silversmith, his signature pieces are characterized by clean architectural lines that blend functionality and art.