Bloesem Haus Book

BY  Roman and Williams Guild

$138 USD

Chronicling the story of our winter 2023 collection, BLOESEM HAUS showcases the rarest beauty from around the world in a finely printed, meticulously written and designed volume made to be cherished for generations.

Within history’s great homes, exquisite objects catalyzed an international trade of ideas, foods, spices, and treasures—along with artistic techniques that have shaped how we live and what we make. From the rarest flatware handcrafted in Japan to stoneware thrown with imaginative experimentation in Denmark, today’s finest objects stand on the shoulders of prehistoric migration patterns, the legacy of the Silk Road, and the values of makers and benefactors through the ages. BLOESEM HAUS tells the story of this object journey, tracing the evolution of clay, glass, metal, natural fibers, and wool through the years—and spotlighting the masterful work, and the rich lives, of the artists using these humble materials to create era-defining high craft.

Printed by the Phoenix Lithographing Corporation.