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Janaki Larsen
Vancouver, Canada

Janaki grew up in the prairies of Alberta and the coast of British Columbia, the daughter of artists, she attended the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design where she began studying ceramics.  Each of her pieces is hand-thrown and hand-glazed, very expressive, and no two are exactly alike.  Each item carries its own raw identity with a quiet and monochromatic aesthetic that feels as if it has survived from another time and place.  Being visually insatiable, she is strongly influenced by nature and light, loving everything about dirt, growing plants in it, making ceramics out of it.  Janaki is also the mastermind and co-owner of two beloved Vancouver landmarks, Le Marche St. George and 7e7 / Atelier St. George.

"Things in nature are always in a constant state of change and transformation; I find profound beauty in these imperfections and unexpected, natural occurrences. For this reason, I do not use glossy, flawless glazes. Nothing concerns me more than things that do not 'change' and the prevailing misconception of 'perfection.’"

“More explicitly, I'd have to say my philosophy on life, and my work is most closely aligned with that of Wabi-Sabi. Imperfection and impermanence being the most beautiful concepts for me. I believe that culturally we've been sold a concept that perfection means unchanging, and with this, we've forfeited the acceptance of the inevitable and therefore are unable to see the beauty in things that change and wither, wrinkle, fall apart and most pertinently, this aspect of ourselves. I love light and shadow and darkness and the nearly invisible, seamlessness between objects and the places they take.”

Shop ARTIST: Janaki Larsen