The Bachelor

Bachelor is a bar cart with an extra-articulated, tapered frame. We've stripped a familiar structure down to its joined bones, resulting in a harmonious composition that is the perfect platform for mixing up cocktails.  Stylish and practical metal rod guardrails bent to shape and a metal handle with a wood sleeve encourages movement. Mid-century modern meets the solid earth of craftsmanship with chamfers and a serious machining process showcasing complex, critical angle cuts, dado joints, and brass all on a cool set of wheels.  The beautiful mirrored glass reflects light.

Handmade in a selection of Signature and Distinctive hardwoods and alloys with our Roman and Williams Guild Living Finishes and bespoke glass.

Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer’s Roman and Williams Guild Original Designs are each branded with our insignia and delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The Bachelor

Starting at $6,200 USD

Customize with our selection of Living Finishes.