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Teneresque Side Table

There's a terrific history of artists, like Gauguin, making elaborately carved furniture and we have always wanted to do a collection of pieces that were inspired by primitive furniture. Teneresque is the cumulation of one of our obsessions with the nexus where sculpture and furniture meet.  Stephen began by carefully sketching a "Chambeyronia macrocarpa." We then sent this drawing to the Croatian artisan Vedran Jakšić, who interpreted the vision, into its exquisite carved façade. Reimagined for every space the Teneresque Side Table is offered in two variations, 23" and 32", both feature two dove-tailed drawers which open smoothly with finger pulls.  Characteristic, canted hooves gracefully meet the ground.

Choose from a selection of Signature and Distinctive hardwoods with natural finishes.

Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer’s Roman and Williams Guild Original Designs are each branded with our insignia and delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Teneresque Side Table

Starting at $9,850 USD

Customize with our selection of Living Finishes.