Perla Lola XL Serving Bowl

BY  Perla Valtierra

$250 USD

RW Guild offers objects we love by global makers who are expressing their originality and vision through time-honored techniques. As a result of their handcrafted nature, slight variations in products may occur.

Handmade in the Bajío region of Mexico, this scalloped-edged bowl by Perla Valtierra emphasizes the hand of the ceramicist. Each piece features an unglazed bottom, highlighting the natural beauty of raw pottery. Add rhythm and shape to your tabletop with Perla Valtierra’s collection of dinnerware and serveware.

Care Instructions: Wash by hand or on a delicate dishwasher setting. Pieces need to dry completely prior to storage, as unglazed bottom can retain moisture.


Aage and Kasper of KH Würtz, a father and son team from a provincial town in western Denmark, come from a long lineage of ceramists. In 2009, they opened their own small studio and began creating tableware completely by hand, using mostly ancient wheel-turning and glazing methods. Mixing pigments and adding elements such as crystals and iron fillings, their alchemy of pottery has become a leading-edge aesthetic that has become popular around the world. Today, father and son are considered pioneers in Nordic ceramic design. Their craft is one of function; producing usable ceramics is a point of pride and passion.

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