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Judy Kim's Gift Guide

Judy Kim is a NYC based cook, food stylist, recipe developer and creative consultant. Visual aesthetics have always played a role in her work and her gift choices.  Marumitsu Barbarie Plates "This pottery caught my eye when RW Guild opened and it continues to be one of my favorite ceramic sets.  Can't get enough of the fluted edges." Hitoshi Kato Donabe "I cook for a living and why shouldn’t we cook and present our food in beautiful things. The gorgeous texture mixed with its substantial weight are the perfect piece for both cooking and serving.” ." K.H. Würtz Platter "As a food stylist, I am generally drawn to serving bowls and platters that are low and wide because that design makes it easy to see everything on the plate through the lens of a camera. I especially appreciate the gentle curved edges but mostly the subtle matte and shine texture featured in this set."  Kohyo Rinka Ko-Don Bowl "The bowls I want to use daily, everything from a cafe au lait to scoops of ice cream."  RW Guild Original Enzyme Washed Linen Napkins “The perfect napkin, luxuriously soft with a subtle texture. That and I’m a lover of all things in a neutral palette.” RW Guild Original Stem Candleholders "These weighty candleholders act as the perfect counterpart to the more delicate tabletop items I am generally drawn to. I like their sharp lines and heft, it’s so satisfying."  Ejnar Paulsen Jar Vase “I love that the subtle bulb shape allows for styling stems at angles. I like to make asymmetrical arrangements but can never find the right vase."  @judy.kim

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