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Takafumi Miyashita
Yokosuka, Japan

Takafumi Miyashita has created a series of one-of-a-kind vases for RW Guild, which took over four months to complete.  His inspiration to begin working with wood as an artist was the outcome of his time volunteering after the Fukushima Earthquake when he was helping to rebuild the area via the construction industry.  A self-taught woodworker with a background in construction, he prefers natural processes that are safe and allow the wood to mature beautifully over time.  Through his connections with people in forestry, he is allowed access to unique pieces, and he gravitates towards cherry, walnut, and chestnut for their quality and hardness.  Miyashita’s use of iron rivets on the cracks in the wood prevents them from expanding uncontrollably and accentuates the true character of the wood.  For the same purpose, Miyashita also stitches the tops of his pieces with bundled silk thread powdered with wet stone to and lacquer.