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Rando Aso
Minokamo, japan

Japanese ceramic artist Rando Aso has lived and studied in major ceramic-producing areas, and now resides in Minokamo. Aso is especially attracted to ancient firing techniques and is fascinated by the effects that they have on clay so he explores different methods to create his one-of-a-kind earthenware works. In “Noyaki,” he fires clay in burning grass, branches and wood in a hot, open field. Using this method, Aso produces “Yakishime” objects, which are unglazed and “painted” with fire and smoke. Aso also creates “Kokutou” work: he first fires it in a hot kiln and then places it in rice husks that burn and smoke the piece creating a blackened surface. Using time-honored methods of artistry, Aso bridges the ancient and modern to create contemporary ceramics. 

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