Rinka Silver Rim Mug

BY  Kaneko Kohyo

$70 USD

The new Kohyo Rinka Ghin collection is finished with the glimmer of silver trim (“ghin” means “silver” in Japanese). Each piece is hand painted by an artisan with trim that is made of platinum and a bit of gold. The piece is then fired again for six more hours. For special occasions or for every day, the Kohyo Rinka Ghin collection brings a subtle silver sparkle to the table. Exclusively at Roman and Williams Guild.

 The Kohyo Rinka collection of tableware produced by the Kaneko Kohyo Pottery Co. offers the warmth and feel of hand-formed clay and the durability of porcelain. Its glaze has the rustic appeal of earthenware and a matte finish that complements any dish. In fact, the collection is used throughout our La Mercerie restaurant.

Care Instructions: No microwave use (due to the platinum and gold). Dishwasher not recommended (detergent and conditions in the dishwasher damage the platinum rim).

1t 2s


Kaneko Kohyo Pottery Co. was born in 1921 on a mountain top near Toki City, and is inspired by ancient techniques and styles while creating new ones. With a foundation in making Shinto and Buddhist alter pieces, and then sake bottles, the company has produced handmade earthenware for the table since 1995. Simple and warm, and meant for everyday use, the collection brings originality, beauty, and functionality to enrich the dining and entertaining experience.

SHOP  MAKER: Kaneko Kohyo 小兵