BY  Janaki Larsen

$195 USD

The Pitcher is hand thrown on the wheel and hand glazed by Vancouver-based potter Janaki Larsen. Larsen’s white-glazed ceramics are simple in form, and modern and minimalist in design. Her pieces have gentle lines and a sense of quietness about them. Each is handmade so no two pieces are exactly alike. Larsen is continually inspired by nature and light and her love of dirt – growing plants in it and making ceramics out of it. 

Dishwasher safe when time does not permit the luxury of hand washing. A simple and gentle scrub with water and baking soda takes most if not all stains out.

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About Janaki Larsen

Janaki Larsen grew up in the prairies of Alberta and on the coast of British Columbia. The daughter of artists, she attended the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design where she studied ceramics. Each of her pieces is hand-thrown and hand-glazed so no two are exactly alike. Each work carries its own raw identity with a quiet and monochromatic aesthetic that feels as if it has survived from another time and place. Larsen finds her inspiration in clay from the earth.  

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