Patrician Finger Bowl

BY  J. & L. Lobmeyr

$148 USD

The fine Austrian glassware maker J. & L. Lobmeyr was founded in Vienna in 1823 by Joseph Lobmeyr. The elegantly balanced Patrician glass series was designed by architect and designer Josef Hoffmann for Lobmeyr in 1917. The Patrician glass series has become a timeless classic. Very fine glass is mouth blown in wooden molds to create the perfectly flowing contours of the original Josef Hoffmann shape. The Finger Bowl offers the ultimate in table refinement. 

Gentle washing by hand is highly recommended. 

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About J. & L. Lobmeyr

The fine Austrian glassware maker J. & L. Lobmeyr was founded in Vienna in 1823 by Joseph Lobmeyr, who became Purveyor to the Imperial Court. Lobmeyr is now in its sixth generation as a family business. A love of the material, the emotional relationship with the product and the commitment of personal energy has defined each generation that left its trace. Lobmeyr glasses are still mouthblown, cut, engraved and polished by hand; every product is handled with the care of at least 18 hands during production. As the company focuses on the contemporary interpretation of glass, it never stops cultivating its heritage. The old inspires the new, and traditional know-how facilitates innovation.