Ginsai Bowl

BY  Atsushi Funakushi

$420 USD

The elegant Ginsai Bowl is handcrafted by Japanese artisan Atushi Funakushi. The meticulously shaped bowl features a fine ridge running around the outer edge. Its shimmering glaze contains real silver applied through the traditional Japanese Ginsai technique to create a soft and restrained silver tone. The glimmering piece is suitable for serving food or as an art object.

Ginsai is developed from pure silver and blackens when exposed to air. Prior to the initial use it is recommended to soak in lukewarm water for up to one hour. Handwashing is recommended. Not safe for microwave or oven use. Acidic food is not recommended. 

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About Atsushi Funakushi

Atsushi Funakushi feels that his ceramics need food to be complete. He believes that good products are timeless, and loves simple and balanced designs. His passion for ceramics was nurtured by his mother, who was an aficionado of ceramics and found objects, and he grew up surrounded by them. Starting in high school, Funakushi studied ceramics formally and appreciated his teachers’ designs, which were traditional yet modern. When he established his own studio, he began making plates and bowls, envisioning that they be used for special occasions.

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