Experts in comfort, The Guild is here for you to make your home authentic and timeless with objects that celebrate longevity. We care about every detail, and no project is too big or too small. Our design experts are also able to assist with finishing touches for your home, objects filled with beauty and utility that are made by our treasured artisans all over the world. Be a part of our modern-day Guild of the senses and feel connected with trustworthy objects, made with love that only get better with time. Book your virtual personal home stylist or private shopping appointment now -  Chat with us online, call us at 212-852-9099, or email 

A few highlights:

• Send our team photos of your space, FaceTime or video chat with us.
• Create together the perfect tablescape for the meals at home with bespoke objects from master artisans.
• Give styling suggestions for spaces in your home that feel bare (dining tables, shelves, coffee tables, cabinets, etc.).
• Connect you with artisans who share your values and aesthetics.
• We can support you remotely with personalized shipping methods, including white-glove delivery.



With a BA in Architecture, Art History and Design, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Smith College, a former Olympian, and RWGUILD Vice President of Sales and Partnerships, Casey is a nimble thinker, ready to tackle and inspire solutions in large project settings with a specialty in hospitality, dining rooms and kitchens, lighting and work spaces. Preferring an empty bedroom bar a bed, simplicity to let the architecture of spaces speak for themselves, they specialise in creating spaces that reconcile and play the edges of warmth and modernism - harking back to a simpler time. Featured in T magazine, NYT, and Vogue for their accomplishments, they are ready, focused, and committed to helping you. (Photographed by Peter Lindbergh)


Clayton loves to understand the human needs behind every project and will use his background and training to find the perfect solution to your needs – whether it’s a whole house or a single bare shelf.  Third-generation in a family of Midwest antique dealers, Clayton has shifted his focus from objects with a long past to objects that will have a long future. He has worked in NYC since 2008 and is an expert at guiding people in high-end furniture customization.  Clayton’s style preference leans toward layering textures and materials, with a preference for tone-on-tone and an embrace of mixed natural finishes. 




Austin loves forming relationships that are founded in a mutual appreciation for craft. The Guild—with over two hundred artisans from around the world and our own masterfully crafted collection of original designs—is the perfect place to form those relationships.  Having long had a personal admiration for design but officially became involved in the industry three years ago, working for a lighting designer in NY. Working at Guild, Austin continues to refine his eye and strives to use that training to connect people with objects well-suited for their homes. Interested in the provenance of objects, he seeks to understand the different stories behind artisan-made pieces in order to create a dialogue among objects. He believes this is the recipe for creating meaningful and timeless spaces. 




Marla is deeply rooted in honesty and purity in resolution. She feels this is the foundation of all human psychology. All choices demand reactions which is her definition of Design. Just as the Universe knows when to open the skies to let in just enough light, as the flowers know when to open to receive it to bloom and as the branches know upon restraint when to release the seeds back to it’s origin; so is the balance of nature, of life, of creation.  Balance is Marla’s natural gift. Her modesty and appreciation for truth within objects and spaces allows a congruency that is effortless, a sigh of relief.  Marla has worked in a vast spectrum of exclusive places that’s allowed integration of knowledge and of self; to electrify thought and reason within the senses. She believes that Design has no edges, no ending; it is a necessary constant. Her passion to strive for excellence has led her to a myriad of Design forces. Classic Italian, Baroque, French, Danish and Contemporary principals. She searches the soul and holds hands with remedy.   Possessing an appreciation for eclecticism, as her travels include Paris, London, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil and has lived in Turkey, all in which have left remnants of origin deep within her. Her life experiences are subconsciously embedded and emerges when needed.  “ We are all connected”, is her fundamental compass for Design solutions.  She believes that the willingness to be open and accepting, silence and observance, lastly patience and reflection all yield the ability to declare what’s needed. The mind is vast, ideas are infinite, everything is everything, equally.  Finding what fits is who she is. 




    Charlaine has always loved fashion, design, history, and the arts. She brings all these things together while listening to her clients to help them create the home of their dreams.  Her fashion career began on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, working for Gucci, that led her to become a personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman. The designer in her took her to Artistic Tile and Waterworks. Her attention to detail has allowed her to enjoy client relationships that have lasted over a decade.  Charlaine's style is elegant, luxurious, and timeless. She believes in building a strong foundation that can be enjoyed for many generations. She feels each item selected for your home should have a history and soul that can be admired and enjoyed every day.