The Wolfard Glassblowing Co.
Sebastopol, California

In 1972, Linda Wolfard received a handblown glass oil lamp as a gift from her husband Jon, a glassblower at a local research company. The original oil lamp became a centerpiece, and friends constantly remarked about Jon’s unique design and requested lamps for themselves.  The lamps turned into a phenomenon and were picked up by the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1973.  In 2004, Linda passed the company to 25-year employee Richard Trevethick and partner Tom Relyea who moved the company to Sebastopol, California.  The oil lamps are handblown from borosilicate glass, adding durability to the classic designs. Skilled glassblowers craft each object using Wolfard’s exclusive “in-flame” technique at higher-than-usual temperatures. This presents an additional challenge for the glassblower who must have exceptional skills at his craft. No two lamps are exactly alike, due to variations in this art form.

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