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Max Poglia's Gift Guide

With his lifestyle brand Poglia, Max expresses his reverence for natural materials.  The textures and designs of his selections possess organic beauty and attention to detail to treasure.  K.H. Würtz Platter "I really admire the porous, unfinished texture of these ceramic pieces." Otis Ingrams Log Basket "This one caught my eye because of its unity in simple function and design. Something about this piece evoked memories of simpler times, and colder days, in my childhood in the South of Brazil."  RW Guild Original Lab Lamp "I've always been interested in brass, and its been an important element of Poglia collection. There's something about brass that can feel old or new, shine or patina... how brass ages has always inspired me. this light is a statement piece for any desk."  RW Guild Original Bachelor Bar Cart "I chose this beautiful bar cart because I've always been drawn to the concept of a "mini bar." It's for bringing people together, a great centerpiece for hosting. A mini bar can be an expression of your yourself... what you drink and how you drink. And in many ways, it's the ideal "blank canvas" for my own bar tool creations. Much of my world has been inspired by the bar, and cocktail culture." Haruya Hiroshima Crown Rock Glass "I chose this elegant Japanese glassware because it's the perfect class for a gin cocktail. I love Japan and always appreciate the attention to detail that Japanese artisans bring through in their pieces. The meticulous polishing seems to be such a critical part of their process... from sand to crystal, pure magic."   @maxpoglia


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