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Matt Hranek's Gift Guide

Friend of the Guild and Founder & Editor of the men’s lifestyle magazine Wm Brown.  He shares a love for all things thoughtfully crafted – Matt’s gift picks capture a range of objects from around the world – mirroring his peripatetic lifestyle.  Gurli Elbækgaard  "The color palate of these reminds me of the warm 70’s glazes I loved as a kid though more refined and elegant.I do not have a lot of color in my home wears per se but I love the earthy blues here." Haruya Hiroshima "I have to admit I have a bit of an obsession with glassware and these elegant well-crafted pieces easily weave their way into my arsenal." RW Guild Original Wool Shearling Pelt "I have piles of shearlings brought back from many of my trips to middle Europe...they make a home instantly warm and remind me of my favorite alpine destinations."  RW Guild Original Enzyme Washed Linen Napkins "I never felt more like an adult than when I buy new napkins." Iris Hantverk "I own many brushes and I have them for my sweaters, wool suits, shoes and of course for tiding up around the house. These are lovely." Lapuan Kankurit Oy "Years ago when we built our house upstate I had a felt box made specifically for all the blankets I and collected over the years. It is often a bit chilly up there and guests are encouraged to grab  their favorite blanket from the box. These would a be a great addition."  Yuchi Takemata "I just love the background and history of craft that goes into this flatware. The patina is beautiful and it seems like you could have owned it for generations." @wmbrownproject 


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