Yoshimitsu Ishihara
Fukuoka, Japan

There are people who make vessels like earthen memories and Ishihara is one of them. Born in Osaka in 1971, Ishihara began his ceramics career in his thirties.  With a background in sculpture, he does not sketch his pieces, instead of shaping freely on the spot using locally dug clay from the area around his home and making his own glaze. Most of his work is hand-built and wood-fired resulting in organic shapes and subtle tones, a unique and modern combination of earthiness and refined. His home and workshop are set at the idyllic base of a mountain where he has a field and orchard and harvests his own crops and chops the firewood for his Makigama (wood-fired kiln).

Shop ARTIST: Yoshimitsu Ishihara 石原祥充

This Artisan's pieces are available in-store only.
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