Casey Zablocki
Missoula, Montana

Casey Zablocki may be based in Missoula, Montana, but he is a man of the world, embracing the nomadic lifestyle of an artist.  Ceramics are in his blood, his lineage, and after an apprenticeship with Lee Hun Chung in South Korea, he was inspired to go big.  His dream is to fill a room with his ceramics, tables, chairs, couches, end tables. All woodfired in an anagama kiln, Casey’s ceramics are not only artistic, they’re scientific. To create unique surfaces he must take into consideration the mineral make up of clay bodies as well as the wood he uses to fire.  No premixed glazes here, temperature, flame, placement, and ash create a primordial piece meant just for you. 

“The journey of my work is what I prize most.”

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