One-of-a-Kind Platter No. 02, 2023

BY  KH Wurtz

$5,850 USD

Though best known for his dinnerware, which rose to prominence after K.H. Würtz was commissioned to provide custom tableware for Noma, the Danish ceramicist Kasper Würtz also crafts sculptural, one-of-a-kind platters and vases—mesmerizing vessels with dappled, shimmering surfaces that strike a delicate balance between matte and gloss. Once a year, he sends a surprise shipment of inimitable artworks to Roman and Williams cofounders Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer, who make them available for purchase exclusively at RW Guild. Kasper crafts each one-of-one piece entirely by hand using ancient wheel-turning and glazing techniques, and fires his works in a wood-burning kiln—a laborious, time-honored method requiring exacting patience and skill.