Tomoko Sakai Rinka Bowl Set of 3

BY  Tomoko SAKAI

$660 USD

RW Guild requested the Rinka Bowl Sets from Tomoko Sakai, and they debuted in 2020. The Bowl Sets are fired in a “Touka” style wood-firing kiln. Every firing process is unique, and the finishes vary slightly every time; this is a special characteristic of the art of ceramics and firing.

The Rinka Bowl Sets from this firing have black speckles on the surface. This is due to iron contents in pine ash, which came from the wood-firing process.

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About Tomoko Sakai

Tomoko studied at Okayama Prefecture Bizen Togei Center, where she met her husband Michikazu in 1994. Tomoko is attracted to the firing process of pottery making and whenever possible she uses materials which she can find around herself, and that’s why she originally went to study in Bizen. However, Bizen was not her style, and she moved on to studying with Shigeyoshi Morioka in Wakayama Prefecture. She uses “Touka style” for most glazed works and “ana-gama” for non-glazed works.

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