Old German Serving Utensils in Black Acrylic

BY  Eichenlaub

$175 USD

Founded in Solingen, Germany, in 1910, Eichenlaub cutlery is hand-forged from one piece of stainless forging steel, ground by hand, and finely finished by experienced artisans. There are 122 steps of production for each handworked piece. Signature double metal bolsters at the bottom and top of the handle of each piece provide stability and create an elegant, balanced design. Handles are exceptionally riveted and polished. The long tines of the serving fork are meticulously tapered all around, ensuring that they will remain sharp. The collection is offered in a black acrylic finish. Exclusively at RW Guild in the United States.


Care instructions: Wash by hand. Not dishwasher safe.

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About Eichenlaub

In 1910, Eichenlaub was founded as a family business in Solingen, Germany, producing the finest quality forged table cutlery. The Robert Herder Company bought Eichenlaub in 1998, and has been meticulously producing the heritage brand in its factory where apprentices are trained in the classic trade of cutlery. All parts are forged in complex craftsmanship from real forging steel, then finely processed, ground and polished or matte-finished by hand. From the forging to the final polishing and finish work, there are 122 steps of production for each handworked piece.