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Antoni Porowski's Gift Guide

As Netflix’s Queer Eye food and wine connoisseur, Antoni Porowski brings with him a lifelong passion for food and its power to bring people together.  Antoni has brought his philosophy: food should tell a story and the heart and the stomach are inter-connected to The Village Den, the Manhattan eatery where he is part owner. His Guild Gift Picks are: RW Guild Enzyme Washed Linen Napkins "I have these in Mullvad. I love the unfinished edges and the fact that they don't really need to be ironed out. They're substantial in weight & size while being chic but unpretentious."  Found Engraved Brass Vases "These are so cool and each one of a kind. I have them all around my apartment and they're great on their own or as vases. Ruchi, a friend of the family's who cut my hair growing up, always had stacks of these in her home and they make me think of her."  Haruya Hiroshima Tiara Rock Glass "Growing up, my parent's bar cabinet had these beautiful etched crystal rocks and wine glasses and these make me think of them. They fit those cube silicone tray ice cubes perfectly and really complete any bar tray situation."  RW Guild Original Candle "Candles really are the perfect gift. While Oscar Wilde was referencing cigarettes when he said they are exquisite and leave one unsatisfied, the same can be said of a good candle. No.4 and 5 are my personal favourites.  Also because I'm a hoarder for beautiful things, the stamped vessels can be kept to hold toothbrushes or matchboxes once the candle burns out." John Julian Fruit Stand "All of John Julian's pieces have to be experienced in person. They look like stone and the half-glaze gives them a matted look that is reminiscent of a still life fruit painting. I never thought I'd be the guy who wanted a fruit stand but I am now the guy who wants a fruit stand."  RW Guild Original Rex Fur Bean Bag "As if bean bags aren't awesome enough, these are fur. I did find out that the fur is sustainably collected from rabbits already used for consumption."  RW Guild Original Hummock "I love this piece. It reminds me of something you'd find in a Frank Loyd Wright home. Also it has storage for the stuff you don't need guests knowing you read aka US Weekly mags you've accumulated from impulse airports purchases... or so I am told."  @antoni

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