Pasta Bowl

BY  KH Wurtz

$200 USD

The ceramic stoneware Pasta Bowl is hand-thrown and hand-glazed in the KH Würtz studio, founded near Horsens, Denmark, by the father and son team Aage and Kasper Würtz. Produced using ancient wheel-turning and glazing methods, the handmade ceramic tableware captures the beauty and simplicity of Nordic design with a signature graceful shape and a glazed surface in which tones modulate harmoniously.

Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.  

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About KH Würtz

RW Guild introduces two new glazes, Opal and Topaz, to the popular KH Würtz collection. KH Würtz was founded in 2009 in western Denmark by Aage and Kasper Würtz, a father and son team hailing from a long line of ceramicists. Today, son Kasper continues the day-to-day operations of the studio and the KH Würtz tradition of producing tableware made completely by hand using ancient methods. The new Opal and Topaz glazes feature a striking mix of matte and glossiness, created through a hand-applied process of two layers of glaze plus glass silicia fired to produce a unique, shimmering surface. These one-of-a-kind pieces work well with our existing glazes - White, Black, Blue and Golden - to create a “meadow of glazes” on the table.