VARIANT TEST - Stem Series

First turned on the lathe at our workshop in Montauk, our Stem Series of candleholders explore the tension in opposition. With matching candles installed, as individual units they are a composition of weighted metal, and light(ed) wax.

Available in four models: A, B, C, D, and E. These candlesticks are designed to culminate together in a gentle riot of glint with the rich diversity of a metallic garden.

Stem Series candleholders pair well with our tall Reed, and play an excellent footman’s role in highlighting the sculptural organic beauty of our Montauk Candelabra.

Four finishes: burnished or blackened brass, steely pewter, and super-glam silver.

~section 2~

Guild insignia and inner-palm ruby keep secrets, and protect your heart.

~section 3~

[Left] Wax ring model was hand-shaped in the Betroth studio.

[Below] Early drawing of THE RING by RW Guild co-founder Stephen Alesch.

~section 4~

~section 5~

Clay model in the RW Studio.

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VARIANT TEST - Stem Series

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