Yakishime Bottle Vase No. 04

BY  Tomoko SAKAI

$420 USD

Tomoko Sakai and husband Michikazu Sakai both fire in wood-burning kilns at their residence in Kagawa Prefecture. Tomoko’s handmade forms oscillate between ornate glazed pieces and classical unglazed Bizen forms.  

This one-of-a-kind vessel is fired using a technique known as Yakishime. This ancient process which dates back to the 4th century is a mainstay in the art of Japanese pottery. Each vase which is made by hand, enters the kiln unglazed, and is fired for 7 days straight (day and night). The kiln's temperature increases over time and gets high as 1,300 degrees celsius. The consequential pigments and surface markings are the result of fire, ash and the drama between heat and earth inside the kiln.

No two forms are the same and dimensions may vary.

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