Stone Coffee Hub

Elegant and distinctive, Nero St. Laurent is an African black marble with striking white and tarnished gold colored veining. A beautiful black stone, Nero St. Laurent marble is suggested for those who love to make a captivating, prestigious, and atmospheric lasting impression.

 As an aesthetic detail, the stone top additions display a massive expanse of natural rock, a thick and uninterrupted slab of stone that demonstrates strength and natural beauty. As a technical design element, the all wood frame works to support the stone slab while maintaining the integrity of the original, integral design of both SKAFELD and HUB.

 What the introduction of stone offers the reimagined RW Guild SKAFELD and HUB table, is a stone, metal, and wood combination with three times the possibilities for uniqueness and individuality – 8 metals x 13 woods x 2 stones resulting in over 200 different configurations – while remaining within the same family.

 RW Guild founders, Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch have designed, revisited and executed the re-imagined Roman and Williams Guild Original Designs SKAFELD and HUB table series in an approach that references what was, while adding grandeur and maintaining both simplicity and functionality.

Stone Coffee Hub

This item in available in a wide variety of combinations.
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