Nanao candle set of 5

by Nousaku

Takazawa Rousoku’s NANAO candles share the namesake of the city, a natural harbor and the heart of the glorious countryside Takazawa Rousoku has been since 1892. Each of the five different candles represent a motif of a different plant that grows in the Noto Peninsula. The candles are all named after a letter of the word ‘plant’.

Completely made with plant-based, raw materials.  These sumac wax candles will burn 90+ hours.  The wick is made by wrapping dried material from a plant of the Juncaceae family around washi shaped into a cylinder, which in turn, improves combustion and gives the candle a large, powerful flame.


*These may be the last batch of this color sold in U.S.


Nanao candle set of 5

45 USD