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Incense Stand Egg Barrel Gold

by Nousaku

Behold history! For centuries Nousaku has been a family business and has all intentions of staying that way, rebelling against it’s wild popularity over the last 20 years.  Why?  Because they have reverence for local resources, whether they’re profitable or not.  With their outreach, expansion and addition of a cafe, some may consider them a Great Aunt or Grandmother to the Guild.  From the industrial city of Takaoka, Nousaku specializes in advanced casting techniques, expert knowledge, tradition and spirit, pursuing perfect harmony of inherited tradition and modern design.  Valuing expressing complex, precise detailing, it’s no wonder they got their start with Buddhist ritual pieces.


USD 220
  • Item Dimensions

    H: 2.8" W: 2.6" H: 2.6"

    (H: 70mm W: 65mm D: 65mm)

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