Maxwell is hearty and honest, strong and substantial with Arts & Crafts tradition.  Eloquent joinery, the seat slightly tilts inward and square hooved legs splay out.  A patchwork handsewn leather seat cushion meets a smooth separate back cushion both with welted edges. The large, chamfered arms with prismatic beveling that invites your hand to hold on a let the music blast like in the iconic 1983 Maxell Hi-Fidelity commercial it channels. 

Handmade in a selection of Signature and Distinctive hardwoods with our Roman and Williams Guild Living Finishes and Guild leathers & textiles.

Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer’s Roman and Williams Guild Original Designs are each branded with our insignia and delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Wood Finishes

Wood Finishes

Signature Finishes

  • Black Inked Oak
  • Bleached Oak
  • Oxidized Grey Oak
  • Oyster Waxed Oak
  • Walnut Brilliant Polish
  • Walnut Danish Oil

Distinctive Finishes

  • Claro Walnut Brilliant Polish
  • Claro Walnut Danish Oil
  • Maple Oxidized
  • Old Growth White Oak Soaped


Starting at $4,975 USD

Customize with our selection of Living Finishes.