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Casserole - Small

by Mauviel

For almost two centuries Mauviel has been crafting French cookware that has become a staple in professional kitchens around the globe.  They have developed a devout following of at-home-cooks as well who appreciate the quality and consistency of their product.  Copper is ideal in the kitchen - especially in baking - because of its ability to conduct heat quickly and uniformly.  The tinned interior creates a unique alchemy with food and, as an added benefit, is lead free.  Cooking is virtually foolproof in this individual sized Casserole Pot, and the options are endless.

USD 275
  • Item Dimensions

    1.2L: 5.5"DIA x 3.15"H (14cm x 7.9cm)

  • Package Weight
    3.25 lb
  • Country Of Origin

    United States

  • Care

    Clean with a soft cloth soaked in warm water and soap

  • Shipping

    If in stock, ships in 2 business days