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Hiroshima Lace Crystal Shot Glass

by Haruya Hiroshima

Glasses that glow, polished to perfection. Hiroshima Haruya may be known for his cuts, but it’s the polishing process that produces the glow of his work. He creates for those who pleasure in imbibing, tea or spirits, but it’s also about place.  Since he was young, his fascination with bars and their shelves of bottles and specific glasses for specific drinks led him to want to design his own creations to fit in spaces that pay great attention to details.  That’s how we met!  His prolific production entails drafting the design, cutting and polishing.  He polishes cut-lines with a grinder one by one, as a result of his study with a artisan from Czech Republic at Toyama City Institute of Glass Art.


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    2.40 x 2.08" (62 x 51 mm) 70mL
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