Poppy Pod "Untitled" 2021 (Ahpp48)

BY  Akiko Hirai

$12,000 USD

Born in Japan, Akiko calls London home; its diversity appeals to her curiosity.  Introverted but willing to expand into the unknown, Akiko communicates through her work, “I like the nature of tableware that can be used,” she says. “It can be very beautiful, it can be quite sculptural, but you use it every day, so you grow a special attachment to it.”  Her studio at the Chocolate Factory allows her to be influenced by the artists around her, and her quiet observations find their way into her work.  Inspired by posture and what lies underneath, her functional objects capture contrast and movement with asymmetrical shapes that make you use your imagination to balance.


Stoneware, porcelain slip, transparent glaze and wood ash

H13.7" x D13.4"