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Fruit Stand

by John Julian

The result of a high level of craftsmanship, the half-glaze porcelain Fruit Stand is the ultimate statement piece, which has the ethereal look of turned stone. The porcelain gives it a gentle presence that works equally well in a minimalist setting or modern country home.

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USD 388
  • Item Dimensions

    5.6"H (14cm)

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    5.0 lb
  • Country Of Origin

    United Kingdom

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Julian Sainsbury is a sculptor and designer and the owner and creative director of John Julian since 1999. From his workshop in Burcombe, Wiltshire, England he and his team creates functionally, minimal, understated, elegant, strong porcelain adored by chefs and food lovers worldwide.
“I’m attracted to simple, utilitarian styles which are highly functional. I like to make things that we use everyday, which have a soul and a connection with the maker.”