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To make a pressed metal stool, you first need a hand-carved wood prototype.  We reversed the formula, making our de-engineered wood rendering including a crossbar for your feet and called it the Tonic Stool.  The shaped wood seat top is beveled with a debit and sits atop tapered and chamfered legs.  Smoothed out and elegant, Tonic expresses the glory of simplicity and beauty of prototypes.

Handmade in a selection of Signature and Distinctive hardwoods with our Roman and Williams Guild Living Finishes.

Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer’s Roman and Williams Guild Original Designs are each branded with our insignia and delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Wood Finishes

Wood Finishes

Signature Finishes

  • Black Inked Oak
  • Bleached Oak
  • Oxidized Grey Oak
  • Oyster Waxed Oak
  • Walnut Brilliant Polish
  • Walnut Danish Oil

Distinctive Finishes

  • Claro Walnut Brilliant Polish
  • Claro Walnut Danish Oil
  • Maple Oxidized
  • Old Growth White Oak Soaped


Starting at $1,495 USD

Customize with our selection of Living Finishes.