Relief Plate

BY  Mikiko Iyama

$105 USD

Made of porcelain and clay, these plates are finished with a matte glaze. Due to the naturally porous finish IYAMA plates can develop small cracks on the surface. To slow this effect, soak plates in water for up to one hour before use. Matte glazes can naturally show metal cutlery marks on the surface when used.

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About Mikiko Iyama

Mikiko Iyama was born in Tokyo in 1965. After graduating from high school, she entered vocational design school but gave up due to family circumstances. Later on, she began to study pottery while working as a staff member at the “Saga-cho Exhibit Space,” representing Kazuko Koike. Eventually, she entered a vocational school in Seto. She launched her own practice in 1991 in Ehime prefecture and the art world has embraced her work ever since.

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