Reed Candlestick

A natural name and a natural tabletop size, high, narrow, and out of the face. Tall like a reed, but stolidly industrial in being. These were first developed on the lathe in our studio in Montauk and are designed to combine with our other candlesticks to build a gentle riot of glint, with the rich diversity of an industrial garden.

Available in Burnished or Blackened Brass, and Silver.

Pair with our diverse STEM series, or draw contrast with the sculptural organic beauty of our MONTAUK CANDELABRA.

USD 295
  • Item Dimensions

    Small  4.25”H x 2.5”W

    Medium 7.5”H x 2.5”W

    Large  10”H x 2.5”W

    Compatible with 1/2" Diameter base candles

  • Country Of Origin

    United States

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