Nuno Pillow 16" x 24"

BY  Madda Studio

$295 USD

At Madda Studio, Nuno felt is created by combining the highest quality Merino or Alpaca wool with luxurious silk. The molecular structure of the wool allows the fibers to interlace when handling the material. Blending silk into the process adds lightness, flow, drapery, and an elegant texture. Once the fleece is felted, the fibers cannot be separated, resulting in non-woven fabric, luxurious in its appearance and exceptional in its texture.

Nuno pillows are handsewn and are designed to be reversible.  One side accentuates the elegant texture of silk, while the other emphasizes the soft Merino and Alpaca texture. The natural tones and reversible design make the Nuno pillow a timeless and elegant piece.

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