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RW Guild Nuit du Guild Original No. 4 Scented Candle

by Land by Land

The night on wax, holding memory to remind you of your own revolution.  Snuggle up in a cedar cabin by the sea on your favorite leather couch.  Put another log in the stove and let the amber glow bathe you in the crossroads of darkness and light. Stroll under the stars and feel one with the earth and the cosmos.  Embrace the contradiction.

Conjured by Robin & Stephen - in collaboration with scent seer friends Kanoko & Tomoyo.  Meant to last longer than its 87 hour burn time with a keepsake viridian colored glass that can be a vessel for your buds or a tumbler for your other spirits.  100% all natural ingredients, including beeswax which is known for purifying the atmosphere.

Beginning notes: Leather, Amber

Middle notes: Patchouli, Suede, Vetiver

End notes: Wood and Musk, Cedarwood

87 hour burn time (30% longer than most candles)

Our passion for plants and their fragrances has manifested in us conjuring a new candle each season to celebrate our favorite scents. High-quality beeswax is poured into our keepsake hand blown viridian glass vessels.  Each candle features three arrangements of notes.  Through an extensive process, our beeswax is naturally filtered of all impurities. Beeswax is pharmaceutical grade and known for purifying the air and producing a tranquil, steady light to keep time to while the botanical aromas arose and create memories.  Choose from four scents: No. 1 Bois Du Guild, No. 2 Fleur Du Guild, No. 3 Soleil Du Guild and No. 4 Nuit Du Guild.

Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer’s Roman and Williams Guild Original Private Label.

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