Stem E

Our STEM SERIES of candles explore the tension in opposition. With matching candles installed, as individual units they are a composition of weighted metal, and light(ed) wax. Chamfers, bevels, and incisions catch and hold light and eye. These candlesticks are designed to culminate together in a gentle riot of glint with the rich diversity of a metallic garden.

Available in five models: A, B, C, D, and E.

Choices for metal are burnished or blackened brass, steely pewter, and super-glam silver. Their arrangement is up to you: a complete set might include two of each model for symmetry, or it may take the form of a mixed model collection expressed in mixed metals.

STEM SERIES candleholders pair well with our tall REED, and play an excellent footman’s role in highlighting the sculptural organic beauty of our MONTAUK CANDELABRA.

USD 295
  • Item Dimensions

    3.32"H x 1.96"W (8.43cm x 4.98cm)

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    United States

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