Jurassic Pointy Four Feet Large

BY  Naoya Arakawa

$3,000 USD

Forged from a hand-crafted mold that can only be used once and meticulously hand-polished to a richly textured, glassine finish, Naoya Arakawa’s Jurassic Pointy Stand With Four Feet is imbued with the inimitable character of solid ice.

Renowned for forging glass with the qualities of water, Naoya Arakawa draws endless inspiration from nature, especially from a stream near his workshop in Kyoto, Japan. Using traditional Japanese techniques he has been honing for more than 40 years—along with his own, bespoke formulas of sand and other natural materials—he hand-blows glass vessels meant to reflect the landscape around him, shifting and shimmering in the changing light.

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