Caton Collection Champagne Coupe

BY  St. Louis

$175 USD

In the mystical Vosges Mountains of France is a small town where for centuries the finest crystal has been made at St. Louis. Acquired by Hermes in 1994, St. Louis Crystal is the go-to for kings and queens, ambassadors, and lovers of the most transparent, transcendent crystal alike. When it’s time to celebrate, there is no better way to toast than with the Caton Champagne Saucer. Give you and yours the royal treatment with this heirloom design that dates back to 1877.

About Sanit-Louis Crystal

Established in 1586 in the French forest of Moselle, Saint-Louis boasts over 430 years of mouth-blown and handmade crystal creations. Acquired by Hermès in 1994, Saint-Louis Crystal has been the go-to since its inception for kings and queens, ambassadors and lovers of the most transparent, transcendent crystal that is dense, clear, and luminous. Born of a ball of fire and the breath of man, Saint-Louis Crystal vibrates with inherited talent and extraordinary creative fantasy.

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